Geek Dinner with Dr. Richard Clayton [Wrap-up]

Feb 8
Posted on February 8, 2008 23:50 in Events

So my first Geek Dinner is a wrap, and although I got a lot of people telling me they really liked it, I still think some things need to go better next time. First off, we didn’t get the dinning area in the venue, but the rather warm attic room instead. It was “ok” for this time as we didn’t have that many people but next time I will make sure they understand what room I want. Then there was the food that wasn’t ordered, even though I gave them the number of guests 2 days before. So, we ended up with a weird selection of food, including some rather tasteless pathe. Next time we will have some more variety in the food.

Finally, it was a bit unfortunate that London is plagued by the flue, disabling at least 4 guests from coming. Combine that with some people only noticing the event a day before the date, and you end up with about 20 people instead of maybe 30+.

Geek Dinner with Dr Richard Clayton

In the end though, the Geek Dinner was a success, with a very interesting talk by Dr Clayton. Ian was able to film the talk (part 1, 2, 3, 4), although he had to switch batteries twice in his camera. Guy West took a audio recording, and I took some photos but was to distracted to take any really good ones. I am already thinking of the next guest to have on, because things an only go better from here. See you next time?