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Oct 26
Posted on October 26, 2008 22:00 in Links

Cool Flickr with CoolIris

Oct 26
Posted on October 26, 2008 14:48 in Photography, Software

A while back I played with a little browser extension called PicLens that allowed me to intuitively browse the photos on a Flickr page. I knew that the app was in development and trying to include more and more sites into their system, but at a certain moment I probably reinstalled my OS and never installed the extension again.

Today I stumbled upon CoolIris, which I then learned was the new name of PicLens. The application has really grown a lot since I last tried it. It now has a very intuitive semi-3D UI, it can load photos from various sites, videos from YouTube, allows you to browse Amazon, and even has an iPhone app. 

Here is a little video that shows what it can do within Flickr. 

The app is freely available, and totally worth installing.